To kill mold in the bathroom

It is virtually impossible to clean mold from the bathroom as wet and warm rooms are the ideal environment for her And it is a sure sign that your bathroom needs a thorough cleaning. If you are allergic to mold, rapid action to resolve it are downright compelling. Here are some ideas on how to deal with the problem
“Expel” moist air
Whenever you log in to take a shower, leave the little window in your bathroom ajar to allow the moist air escape quickly. If you have a window open the door of the room where a portable or plug fan or dehumidifier. If you have a built-in fan, run it as soon as you wake up, and let it run until you leave for work.
Living Care
No need to clean your bathroom basically every day or once a week to deal with the mold problem. Just wipe places that permanently stain or leave drops shampoo, conditioner or any cosmetic product running down the walls, floor or soul.
Dry the floor after each shower. Please use the towels polyester. You can even cover the floor with them for some time so that they can fully absorb moisture. For more information about Mold Inspection Services, visit Mold Testing Calgary and get a FREE Estimate.
Secret Weapon
How fast will get rid of the mold depends on the degree and duration of the process of molding. The most powerful weapon in the struggle is unequal microfiber towel with strong obezvlazhnyavashto action. For effective cleaning of corners and joints between tiles use a toothbrush with sharp hairs.
If rubbing with a cloth or brush does not help, it’s time to turn on the “heavy artillery” – white. Try it first diluted with water at a ratio of 1:3. You can also use a preparation containing bleach. In no case, however, do not mix several similar preparation – it is dangerous to health, because this process toxic vapors.
If that does not work, buy a washer with steam, which has a plug-in for scrubbing hard-to-reach places.

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